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We are Lords of the realms, Thee Elves of ELSe!

Things you need to know as an Elv:
On the next few pages we will go over the things you need to know as an Elv in Sosaria.

First you need to know that an "elv" is not the same thing as an "elf". Elven Lords of Sosaria role play as "Elves". We are a race of elves that came to be here in Sosaria an elven nation that has suffered much at the hands of Orcs, Mortals, and sadly ourselves.
We know that we have cousin elfs out there but we are direct descendants of elves that can prove they were of noble birth and heritage. We have our own history unique to Sosaria and our own language. Thus we are Elven Lords not to be mistaken for the unwashed masses.


I would like first to thank all of my fellows for having faith in ELS enough to watch and help in it's rebirth. A special Thanks to Guybrush and Shar, also to Icewalker, Rich Raine, Bane Resse and Fenrir. I could not have done ANY of this without your support and friendship.

I would also like to thank Torghat of the Oceania shard, JD Sengir of ELS on the Lake Superior Shard, Gunther of ELF, Corum of EKR, Sly of DEA, Darkraden, Maverick, Sidesurf, Alya and Talon. All of you kept in touch and kept me encouraged to cotinue with my writtings. Thanks during dark hours your support meant alot to me :)

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