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Please find below a discription of the types of hunts to be found in ELSe!

Any Lady or Lord can host a hunt, a hunt can have ANY theme that the Lord or Lady wishes these are only suggestions. So the more FUN it sounds like to your fellow elves the more ELSe will show up:)!

Hel (Fun) Hunt:
This type of hunt is done solely for the hell of it:)! It can be to anywhere but is generally to a place of low danger from both monster are Pkers. Newbies and Vets are welcome and treasure is shared by all.

Squire (Fellowship) Hunt:
No! This is not time to hunt the Squires! (Hmmm.... NO Never Mind!!!) This is a hunt designed to help all ELSe to get to know their new Squires and Nomads. This again is a low danger level hunt designed more for getting to know your fellows then for profit. Treasure from hunt is donated to the Squires that attend, to help give them a boost in life:). A Squire can call this kind of hunt at anytime he wishes.

Dungeon Troll:
This is a medium to high level hunt where anything should be expected to happen! Nomads are welcome but Squires are not. Treasure should be divided evenly among all players SOULD you survive!

Power (title) Hunt:
This is a high level fun hunt to help 1 or 2 members get a higher title! The ELS or Helos working on the titles are aloud a lions share of the kills (although not ALL of them). And because of this they willingly give up any claims to treasure at the end of the hunt. Treasure is divided evenly among others that attended this hunt as a thank you for their help. Only ranks of Lady or higher should attend this hunt. Power hunt has the same premise except the quest is for rank (i.e. Expert, Master, and GM).

Soul Search (Pker) Hunt:
The most Dangerous hunt in the guild bar none. Only the most highly skilled players should attend this hunt of the dreaded Red that kills for pleasure. Come dressed for success, prepared for death and ready to put evil to the test. All that think they are worthy are invited on this quest including nomads and allies. Treasure is divided evenly among the survivors. This hunt is most often lead by ELDers.

911 (Rescue) Hunt:
This is the only kind of hunt that does not need be scheduled by any Royal, Seer or Regal! This is any emergency to help out our fellow elves or allies who are in danger. This hunt is considered even more dangerous then Pker hunts, because the nature of it is always random and unknown. If the mission is successful all elves that survive receive an Elven Star and a treasure if they do not they receive an Elven Phire for their bravery and devotion to ELS. As with any hunt it may only be lead by a Lady or Higher in ELS rank.

Helos (Alliance) Hunt:
This is hunt can only be hosted by Regales or the Grand Lord himself. All the ranks of Elder and above are welcome to join in on the fun (sorry no Squires or Nomads on this one) Treasure can be either divided between the Guilds or donated completely to the Helos (allies) that joined us.

Realms Hunt:
This hunt of any level goes to support the Kingdom that works so hard to support you in your efforts to enjoy the game (hint, hint), treasure from hunt goes to the realm!

Flight of the Valkerye: These ladies are out to catch! The blood of the innocent has been spilled and they have had enough! They maybe hunting Pkers or foul Dragons. One thing is for sure; they are all Shelas of the ELS or female helos of other kingdoms. And they are on a mission!

Ladies / Lords Choice Hunt: And what kind of hunt will you lead this month? Dragon Hunt? Orc Hunt? Whatever!