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How to make Role play believable and fun!

These terms are meant to make the game fun for all while allowing us to communicate with each other and sound "kewl" at the same time. These phrases when used will help to make us elite, the envy of Sosaria. This is meant to serve as a guideline and I invite any to come up with their own terms for occurrences and events in Sosaria. It is however very important that all follow these guidelines.

LAG! = "Storms!" Other examples: "Storms a brewing!" "The weather doth be fowl!" "The winds doth prevent movement!" "Tis bad weather we are having!" "By Thunder and Lighting, I cannot get past the Storms!" "Get thee inside Storms are brewing!" "Away with thee fowl weather!"
OCC: To elves the mortal term "Lag" is what we would call fowl or bad weather.
Situation: you can't login. Example: By Thunder and Lighting, I cannot get past the Storms! Situation: you are in the game but the lag is bad or unsafe for adventure. Example: Get thee inside Storms are brewing!

Icq = "Voices!" Other examples: "Pardon me a moment, there are voices speaking to me in my head." "These voices in my head will not cease!" "There are words in the winds that I hear" "Listen! Doth thou hear voices? I Do!" "Excuse me other voices speak to me." "Whispers from beyond reach out and touch my mind."
OCC: All elves are born telepathic and can communicate with each other in this manner should they wish to. To us the mortal term "telepathy" is more like whispers or voices that we hear in the wind.
Situation: you receive an Icq from an elv saying he will be with you soon. Example: "Sylban has spoken to me, he shall be with us forthwith." Situation: You are receiving multiple hails in Icq and are trying to talk with friends in UO! Example: "Excuse me other voices are hailing me." Or "Excuse me, there are other voices I must speak with"

AFK (away from keyboard) = "Tis my nature that calls!" Other examples: "The ethers call to me" "I hear the call of the wild and I must heed it!" "I must be away" "Alias I must be away for the moment." "I shall return."
OOC: I know none of my examples are as fast to type as "afk" or "brb" but role-play is about entertainment for all. Remember you can also make macros for your phrases ;-)
Situation: you have to answer the phone. Example: "I must be away. The ethers call to me!" Situation: Dinner time! Example: "Tis the call of the wild that I must now obey!" "I shall return thusly" "I shall be back Forthwith."

WTF = "How in HEL?" Other examples: "May thou be Damned!" "Tis a sad thing to know that fate has spawned scum such as thee!" "Get thee away Hel Spawn!" "Thy mount shows more since then thou art making." "Away with thine smell you offend me" "Braggart!" "Have at thee!" "I seem to be surrounded by MORTALS" "Are thine parents orcish? For it seems so to me...." "Troll you (and the mount you rode in with!)" "Do not trifle with me MORTAL" "By my Ears!" "Thou doth sicken me" "Thy breath is a bit strong, please it doth offend me." "Me thinks thine girdle is on a bit tight." " Get Trolled little man" " My thanks that is very orcish of you" "A Pox upon ye!"
OCC: Yes everyone gets mad, and yes when we are angry we tend to curse. But to be able to tell some one of with flare is a difficult thing. Any that have seen Rex in effect know well how my words can sting the sharpest of foes. When I do so I rarely need to curse. I see nothing original in saying, "Fuck you" "WTF", "asshole" or "Fag" or any other of the "popular" curses.
Anyone and everyone can say these words or have read them. The very idea of these words being taboo to me is absurd, they are among the most used and over used words in the English language! They are no longer "cool" because every man, woman and child from age 7 to 170 has heard or said them. Cool to me is shocking, something so shocking that you left the person that angered you speechless! When you told a person off it is usually because they were not bright enough to UNDERSTAND what you were saying, but you and your buddies knew what you meant and that was all that mattered. That is the whole idea behind ELSeSpeak! Who cares if the mortal understands what you mean? We do and we are laughing with you at them! If you noticed all of the phrases used above would tell a person off without worrying about if your parents catch you! They will only be impressed by your intelligence!
Situation: You were just Pked and now you have to look at the clown at the bank. Example: "Tis the smallest of mortals that I spy cringing in the shadows pretending to have honor" Clown replies: "WTF dude I your stuff to bad your such a loser! LOL" to which you respond, "Verily the lad with an orcish face speaks truly. Indeed if his fighting ability were as strong as his breath he would not need to resort to being a petty Pker. Verily little men with worthless lives often beg for attention in this manner." Clown replies: "What ever dude you are weird F--- off" "Alias troll boy reveals himself to be little more then a thieving begging with a foul tongue to match his foul breath. Witless one your name shall be remembered.... BY NONE." You walk away leaving clown boy looking like a fool.

Logging out of the game = "I grow tired my fellows, I am urged to visit the realm of Dreams", "Olympus calls!" Other examples: "I must depart for Asgard" "Excuse me my fellows I depart to meditate on events past" 'The Goddess (your mom ) calls to me and so I must go." "I grow weary my friend tis time for me to depart too the hostel for rest.", "The Great Elven Gods will lead me back I am sure but for now I must go...." "I feel the ethers drawing me away, verily I must leave.." "Two Giants (parents) have entered my abode and I cannot escape! I must flee!"
OCC: For Eros Olympus is R/L, If he must visit his father Zeus, then I must depart to go to work. His cousin Morpheus is the God of dreams and stories to be told and thus when I go to sleep it is he that Eros goes to see. Remember Eros Rex is not a full elv he is Half-Elv. He plays an Olympian \ Wood Elv, Chaotic Good alignment.
Situation: You have to depart from the game. Example: "Tis sad to say but Verily I must leave..."

Elf = Elv
Female elf = shela
Other examples:
"I am an elv, I am elven by nature"
"Shar, Kaelyn, and Samantha are the names of 4 shelas in our guild they are lovely ladies."
"Hel hath no fury like a shela scorned!"(An old elven saying.) :-D
OCC: Ok I admit it I am one of the words WORST spellers in UO but when I say elv I mean Elv, no typos here. We are elite a breed apart. We have a long history and our own traditions to be proud of. We are not some AD&D or Forgotten Realms rip off. We are the Elven Lords of Sosaria! We are a race of elves that have our own history and ties. We know that there are those that would call themselves Elf, we are related to them but we are NOT them. The word Elv has been long ignored. When there are many of us there are "elves" not elfs. When we are asked who we are we are elven NOT elfen. "Tis my elven way to address thee as an elv, tis who thou art. If I am ashamed, you then become an "Elf", for you are no longer honoring your heritage, so I insult you calling you an elf instead of an elv.
Situation: You have just finished hunting with the Emperor and you have acted with both courage and valor. The Emperor now approaches you.... Example: "Thine bravery shall be well noted this day my good elv, I wish to award thee the Elven Tour (see gemz) of bravery!"

Other examples of good roleplay:

"can you gate me to the guild house" (wrong)
"I wish to go ELSeWhere, woulds thou create a portal for me?" (excellent!)

"I will make a gate to the back of the bank in moonglow" (wrong)

"I shall create a portal to the Red, mayhap we shall meet there." (excellent!)

Finally if you do not like to role-play I am sorry but you do not belong in any of the Realms of ELSe. If you simply like being around role-players and do not wish to RP yourself this is fine, but speak plain English.

Terms such as ? Yo?? ? dude?? ?t-up??ll be frowned upon. Using these terms regularly will result in not being able to advance in rank. All Lords or higher will be expected to either speak in plain English or to RP in character. No member will ever be dismissed for bad RP but they can expect not to advance beyond their current title and rank for vulgar or bad speak.
If you are a good RPer then you are asked to try and HELP your fellows to become better, not to look down your nose at them as this helps no one. If you feel it is only your duty to judge and report your fellows and not to help or encourage them to learn then do not expect to advance very quickly either. ELS has long been a team that has helped one another and this is a thing that I wish to see continue and I will do my best to encourage that and to make the game fun for all.

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