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The Elven Quests of Virtue
One is always Questing, be it for title increases, fame or fellowship. In total there are seven different Quests that once completed lead to the path that will allow an elv to quest for royalty. Below is a basic outline of them:

Quest of Virtue: Loyalty
This is the very first quest that all elves must complete before being granted entry into the kingdom. Once they are joined to the ELSeStone the Quest begins! During this Quest the Squire, Nomad or Dryad are expected to do their best to seek out fellow elves and befriend them. To post their experiences as elves in ELSeWords our message board. As more elves get to know them words of their deeds and actions will reach the Emperor and those within his Royal House. When the new elv has gained the trust and faith of a Lord of the High Council the Lord may then approach any Royal to seek the elves official entry into the Realms of ELSe by granting him an elven title. This increase in rank is offered as a reward for successful completion of this Quest.
OCC: This is one of the most important quests in the guild. Upon Joining all new elves are to be sent via Icq a complete list with the Icq #'s of elves who have Icq at the time. New elves are to use this list to contact members when they see them online (just say ? let your fellows know that you are online, seeking adventure or training. Making friends is what ELS is all about). Another very important part of the Quest of Loyalty is reading about elves. Part of completing this quest includes reading information provided on ranks and title, role-play, quests and hunts. Elves are also required to read "In ELSeWords"; this purple book may be found ELSeWhere. WHEW that's a lot of reading imagine all the Emperor went threw to create it! Finding fun ways to role-play by reading stories that are posted and to post their own experiences or info, is also part of the Quest of Loyalty.

Quest of Virtue: Unity
This is one of the Rites of nobility. To quest for unity is to travel the lands seeking to bring your people closer together to forge the bond of friendship between elves. This can be anything from gathering elves for a party to sharing with them a secret location of great beauty or hunting that one has found. This quest need not be requested it will be noticed because the questors' efforts to unite all will gain favorable notice. But if requested, an outline of what would be expected will be provided to the questor. The reward for completion of this quest is an Elven Emerald and then allowed the right to quest for Nobility.

Quest of Virtue: Charity
This is one of the Rites of Lordship. The quest of charity is one of the most virtuous in the realm! This is a quest to give of yourself to better the kingdom in some way. Volunteering to teach new elves to hunt and survive or donating more regularly to insure the future of the realms. Attempting to do what you can to help the Royals in running the kingdom. This quest is easily recognized as well, reward is the Elven Citrine and the right to quest for Lordship

Quest of Virtue: Strength (the Rites of Nobility)
This is the Quest of nobility. This is what young elves do most to prove their readiness to advance in rank. By adventuring and strengthening their skills and raising from Expert to Master and finally Grand Master. As they do this they post stories of their adventures in ELSeWords for others to read. Their reputation grows. Eventually they are awarded the Elven Tour for their bravery and granted the title of "Noble". All Nobles know the Quest for strength is an on going one and all are continually questing for it no matter what their rank in the Kingdom.

Quest of Virtue: Insight
This Quest is reserved for Seers, Regales, Royals or Alliances only. It is perhaps the most sought after of all the quests! When this Quest is granted the questor must wait a period of time (1 to 3 weeks depending on the depth and detail asked for), before being notified that the quest has begun! In this quest the questor seeks insight as to their origins and how they fit into the history of ELS. There is a challenge set in place and a story to be told. This Quest will involve the finding of an object or the defeat of a selected foe(s). When the quest is complete the questor is rewarded with an Elven Star and advancement in rank. An epic story written by either the Emperor himself by the Viscount or by the Lord of Whispers. This story ties the questor to the history of ELSe. Other elves may be asked to play roles in this quest.

Quest of Virtue: Valor (the Rites of Lordship)
This is a quest given to prove that one is worthy to serve on the High Council. Any Noble or Elven in rank may check to the stone to find out if there are any Realms without a Lord. Once they have completed at least one other quest they may then Quest for Valor IF there is a realm that has no Lord over it and they are willing to make the changes needed to conform to the Realm sought. (For example a Noble of Fear would agree to take up archery.) When the Quest is completed Title is granted.

Quest of Virtue: Honor (the Rites of Seers)
In asking for this quest Lords may seek to enter the House of Seers. If they have successfully quested at least twice before they may seek to quest for Honor. Once the task assigned has been completed the Lord will be granted a special title and given duties to reflect their new post. They are also awarded the Elven Star.

Quest of Royalty: (the Rites of Royalty)
The Ultimate Quest one must have completed at least 4 of the other quests before they may even ask for the right to Quest to enter the House of the Emperor. This Quests end will ultimately reveal the finding of a Scroll or tomb of ancient origin that proves to all in the realm including the Emperor himself that the Questor is of Royal Birth!

Difference between a Hunt, a quest and an event?

A Hunt is a one-time happening. Hunts have some element of danger involved when the danger is past so is the hunt
An Event is a non-hunt gathering of elves for matters of fun and role-play. This can be anything from a council meeting to a party to a quiet dinner held for elven friends. An event has some element of role play in it.
A Quest is a running series which the questor participates in daily, in one way are another. A Quest can take days, weeks or months depending on its difficulty and the reward involved.