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The story of how elven quests came to be in Sosaria:

Long ago before even the time of the Great Grand Father of the current Emperor Eros Rex (his name was Imperious Rex). Their was a simple elv that lived apart from his people as a Hermit. He was an Old but honest elv who had decided to live a solitary life after the loss of his beloved and upon being abandoned by his only son. A stranger visited IceHunter one dark and cold night dressed heavy dark robes. The stranger begged entry into his home, but in these troubled times when Trolls and Ogres over ran the land it was not uncommon for people to be deceived by such tactics, only to lose there life or worse at such folly.
But the Old Elv took pity on the cold and huddled form and welcomed it out of the cold in to the warmth of his small home. The elv was somewhat surprise when the form did not attempt to slay him but only whispered a humble thank you as it was led shivering towards a seat at his table. This made IceHunter pity the poor thing even more, but he was an elv of small means. As it had been a harsh winter he had very little, but he placed what little stew he had in a bowl and offered it to the poor form in front of him. Then the most wondrous thing occurred! The form removed its hood and accepted his offer of food. Underneath lay a most beautiful shela! She was almost an identical twin to Guntara his beautiful wife lost to him while she was just as young as the form that now sat before him!
The shela was plainly starving but she ate with a silent grace and quite dignity born out of self-pride and good manners. IceHunter sat dumfounded as he watched the silent answer to all his hope, dreams and desires silently sip her stew. The shela noticed his gaze and began to feel uncomfortable, this elv who was so kind to her was indeed old but not so old as to not appreciate the company of a shela, she was sure. She wondered if she had made the right choice.... "Why do you stare so?" She asked in a soft tone.
SHE SPOKE! And her words were like music floating on a summer breeze, she spoke and for the first time in centuries he heard his wife speak to him again! This could not be happening! " I... I... am sorry M'Lady I pray thine forgiveness I meant not to intrude upon thee but I was wondering what thou art doing out on a night like this?" He felt like a nervous Squire giving a Dryad his only citrine. " I became lost while seeking someone...." she replied simply. "Who would you be seeking out here? There is nothing to find except Ettins, Ogre Lords and Death!"
The Shela looked at him for the first time her eyes filled with despair "I fear thou art right M'Lord I have almost lost my life many times on this journey and I fear I am no closer then when I first started. A single tear fell from her azure blue eyes, it glistened is the light of the fire that lit the small room. "Do not fear child in the morning I shall help you seek out this person we will find him together. But a thing child pray tell what be thine name?"
Her eyes lit up with the first signs of hope the elv had noticed since he had first laid eyes upon her. "You mean I may stay here tonight and you will help me find the one I seek in the morning? M'Lord I am humbled beyond words... Thou art most kind! My name is Iris I am an elv of the woods." It warmed his heart to actually see the solemn figure smile. "I am pleased to meet thee M'lady, I would be honored to help thee on thine journey. First it is late and we should rest, I have but one bed and you are welcome to it, I shall be content to sleep here on the rug."
"M'Lord thou art most kind you are right I am tired and in need of rest, again I thank thee."
As the man began gathering blankets to sleep on he could not help but notice as the Shela rose and remove her cloak under which she had nothing on! He was almost appalled when he then remember she said she was a wood elv, these elves loved nature and took great pride in their bodies and saw no shame in nudity. He as a High Elv was used to dealing with the cold and always wore clothing except to bath and in matters of intimacy. " I am sorry M'Lord I was not thinking.... I meant not to offend thee..." Iris had noticed the look of shock on the Elders face and felt embarrassed for him. She almost wanted to giggle as she watched him trying to avert his gaze. "Nay child tis well enough go to bed rest yourself and we will begin in the morning." She gently smiled at him, not noticing the tears welling in the ancient elves eyes as he watched the form of his wife turn away from him and lay in the bed that they once shared, together...
When next he awoke he noticed the shela knelling at the foot of his bed. Above her hovered a rather plain looking man wearing only pure white linen wrapped loosely around his muscular frame. Other then that he was very average in appearance with the exception that wings spread forth from his back, he had a golden aura around him, and one other strange thing the more IceHunter looked at the form of this man the more attractive it appeared to become! "Hail to Thee good IceHunter, I am Eros god of Love and I bring you both greetings from my mother Hera Queen of Olympus and Goddess of marital fealty. She wishes you both to know that your Journey is over. You have proven that of all races in Sosaria the Elves are worthy of receiving the seven virtues."
IceHunter being no stranger to the ways of Gods kneeled before the God next to Iris. "Virtues? M'Lord I pray thee to forgive this humble elv of his ignorance but what are these "virtues" that you speak of?" Eros looked down upon them both and smiled as he did so Iris and IceHunter were enveloped within a blinding white light that seemed to come from the smile of Eros himself, while bathed within the warmth of this light they heard words spoken:

" The path of the Seven virtues are the path to greatness, that insure survival of all while also respecting the rights all races. It has been written that the first race to exhibit the seven virtues will one day rule all of Sosaria with kindness and benevolence towards all it's folk. You Iris showed the virtue of Insight when you first began this journey to seek out one that you loved, you also showed the virtue of Strength by making it to this cold and foreboding place. You IceHunter showed the Virtue of Valor by letting a stranger into your home, you showed the Virtue of Charity by offering a stranger all that you had to give and asking for nothing in return. You displayed the Virtue of Honor by allowing her to sleep the night in the comfort of your own bed without touching her. You both showed the Virtue of Unity by agreeing to work together for a cause and the Virtue of Loyalty by remaining true to the memories of Love lost.
These are the seven virtues take them to your fellows and let word of them be spread through out the land! Let all know that those seeking to be virtuous shall find the virtues if they journey. Such Journeys shall from now on be known as the Quests of Virtue. You Iris as reward for your hard fought Quest shall from this day forth be known as Our Lady of Virtue, the first among Ladies in the coming kingdom. You IceHunter in reward for your undying faith in Love and your kindness to those less fortunate then you shall become the first leader of your fellows. You shall gather the elves and ready them for the coming of the 1st emperor, he who's child will one day lead all Elves to greatness... Also for your faith in me I shall grant you one final gift. Remember where there is life and love, hope springs eternal...."

The light faded and the two were left together. "By The GODDESS! This cannot be!! Your, your Face!!!" Iris screamed stunned by what she saw before her. As the light faded she saw IceHunter not as he was old and disheveled, but youthful and in his prime! Even more stunning was the fact that the elv that stood before her was the exact image of her intended who was lost to her on the night of her joining! The elv the shela had feared she would never see again stood before her in the form of the humble old hermit who had been so kind to her!
The two went forth from the old hut together spreading the words of the virtues to all elves they met. They soon formed a tribe and years latter Joined and had Many children together one named Rexus would sire a child named Rex who would eventually earn the name Imperious and become the first Emperor to the Elven kingdom, but that is another story. This is how Quests came to be important to all elves, and the corner stone of today's kingdom.
For this reason everyone in the Kingdom is always questing for something (including members of the royal house). One maybe Questing for title increases, for fame or for fellowship with their elven family.

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