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The House of Lords


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The House of Lords (The High Council):
This House contains all other elders of ELSe, lead by the Grand Lord.
The House of Lords is made up of individual realms, each realm is lead by a Lady or Lord. More then half of these realms must have Elders in order for the High Council to be formed. Each Realm's Elder has skills specific to that realm and must be at least a master level in their skill to lead and teach others in their house. All Ladies and Lords are also required to host at least one hunt per month in order to maintain their seat in the Council. Lords also recruit in recruiting they gain fame skills the more their individual fame increases for having referred reliable elves the stronger their position in the High Council. If a Lady or Lord can not meet these requirements they must release hold of their realm and become Nobles.
Ladies and Lords may decide what type of hunt they will have and must let the Grand Lord know what type of hunt it will be before the date scheduled (examples of hunt types will follow). There is currently no limit set on how many hunts a Lady or Lord may lead in one month the more they hold the more fame skills they get the more hunts hosted by a Lady or Lord the better their chance for recognition by the throne. Thus the better the chances for advancement. Realm Elders also have the right to recruit anyone they wish into the kingdom, the applicant that they select must serve as a Squire (newbie) or Nomad (GM), for a period of 2 weeks before they may apply to serve in another realm. Realm Elders also have the right to except or refuse any applicant to their realm, once however a member has been excepted only the high council or a Royal Gathering may vote to remove the elv from the realm they serve in. Realm Elders also can suggest or ask for demotions or promotions to be granted within their realm, these requests are rarely denied. Ladies and Lords should also be advised of any and all quests, which effect their realm and their approval should be gained for any beneath them to be allowed to quest for a higher post within their realm. Realm Elders also have duties and responsibilities unique to their own realm these will be discussed below.

Lord Stormbringer:
The realms of Storm along with that of Weaver and Thunderath are the most influential realms in the House of Lords. The Storm Lord is the imperial bodyguard to the Emperor himself. His loyalty must always be first to the safety of the Crown, When the Emperor roams the land, the Lord of Storms or one of his Stormbringers can often be found at the Emperor's side watching for any signs of danger. When the Emperor is away their main concern is then the safety of other Royals and they are then found by there side. When Royals are absence Stormbringers guard the safety of their fellows. Stormbringers are mainly Battle Mages but other then that their skills can widely vary depending upon the needs of the Crown. They can be tamers or even bards but one thing is for sure they are honorable and just, quick with the sword and think fast on their feet! Stormbringers will gladly give their life for their liege and would protect the crown jewels with their dying breath. Although the Storm Lord must obey any directives given him by the Grand Lord, he answers only to the Emperor, only the Emperor may discipline his Stormbringers.

Lord Wardancer:
This post belongs to the Elven Lord of War Elder of the Kingdoms standing army. He leads his elven soldiers in times of war. He should be consulted before war can be declared on any other kingdom. His vote must be had before any OVERT war can be declared. Wardancers are the Master warriors of the realms and are well versed in both swords and tactics. In times of peace the Imperial Magistrate, as a peace keeping or bounty hunting force may use Wardancers. During times of war the Lord of the Dance answers only to the Emperor or Grand Lord. He is to respect the wishes of and work with the Imperial Viceroy, it is he that the War Lord must remain mindful of.

Lady Alorus / Lord Alore:
This Elder leads his order of warrior healers into victory. The Realm of Alore was once a house of peace that served only to heal the sick and wounded. This ended due some how in part to actions of those that were members of the Shadow Realm long ago. Why this happened or how is a mystery but it is know that to this day the Realm of Shadows insists that what it did was for the best of the people and necessary for the realm of Alore to survive. Indeed this house has since spawned many great Healers that are no strangers to the art of the mace or the art of war. This house has since moved from being one of relative obscurity to be a member of the crowns main attacking force, healing their allies while vanquishing their enemies! Although this realm respects the realm of Shadow for what it has done for them the alliance is a very and uneasy one. The Alorains are a highly spiritual order much like human clerics. The Elder of this realm answers only to the Oracle of Elves and the Grand Lord.

Lord Thunderath:
This is the Realm of the Explores and adventures! It is lead by the Lord of Thunder. Thunderaths can be found leading expeditions into the uncharted territories and beyond. To travel with Thunder is to travel with the sound of Death at your door! They may also accompany The Royal Viceroy and his Regales when dealing with affairs of state. They are also renowned masters of the mace.

Lord Wordsmith:
The realm of words is one of mystery and yet of high honor. The elder of this house is greatly respected and sometimes even feared by even those in the house of Royals. What is known of them is that they server as both scribes and reporters to the Realms. They report on all elven daily issues, the latest breaking stories, and often they are eyewitness accounts! They always seem to be at the right place at the right time. They are sometimes seen speaking in hush whispers to the Emperor about what we know not. One was even caught without his title on and yet was not scolded by the Royal he was speaking to! What could this mean? Only the Lord of this realm or Royals know for sure and they are not talking! These guys love taking screen shots!

Lady / Lord Bladesinger:
This realm belongs to the Fencing Bards of the kingdom. They are sworn only to defend the realm in times of trouble and are not a part of the kingdoms attacking force. As they love peace their main concern is with that of the people. This realm cares not as much for the Royals themselves as they do for the people that exist beneath the gaze of the crown. They roam the countryside singing their songs and defending the weak and down fallen. Although they love peace they are to be respected, for their ability with the blade is well known. They have been known to make their Blades "Sing" with fury when provoked and many unjust have fallen prey to their songs. Bladesingers are kind, honorable and always willing to help others. For the Elder of this realm to vote for war is almost unheard of for they treasure peace. The Elder of this house answers only to the Grand Lord or higher Royal.

Lady / Lord Windrider / Beastmaster:
This realm is ruled by the beastmasters they love animals and will fight to the death to defend their familiars (animals that they have trained). Windriders should not be confused with mere shepherds for they are great warriors and part of the Emperor's standing army. A Wind Lord can often be seen riding nightmares into the battlefield with dragons flying by their side! In times of peace their realm is swayed by none except the Grand Lord. In times of war they also answer the Duke of elves and the Oracle. Windriders love riding any form of mountable beast. Beastmasters often award familiars to elves that they have a bond of trust with.

Lord Fearstriker:
The Fear Lord is known as such because of his silence and ability to strike from a distance. Fears are archers and a solitary folk. It is know that they love to, track, fletch, cook and are very stealthy. These expert hiders can attack from afar without warning and with deadly accuracy. It is also rumored that they are excellent carpenters as well. The elves still search for the Elder of this old house. It has been written that it was a fearbow that first walked with the very first magic user the first Emperor Imperious Rex. The Lord of Fear in this realm does have a seat on the council.

Lord Steel:
This realm is ruled by the best among Smiths and weapons makers. The Lord of Steel that holds this place is also the best Smith in the guild. As Such he can be counted upon for repairs as well as for smithing done specially for those that bring there own ore :) This house does have a seat on the council and answers to the Grand Lord of Elves. Some of both the strongest swordsman and the strongest swords have come from this house of honor. He answers to the Count De Forge

Lady Valkyrie:
The Valkyrie avengers of the fallen, and guardians of truth. This tight nit band of shelas (elven word for female) often communicates with the dead and will track their prey without fail. The Lady of this house can often resurrect the dead. They will use any means available to them to hunt down the evil and make them suffer for their crimes. Valkyries are often masters of disguise and magick. The shelas of this realm did not originally have an official seat in the council because of their unruly and wild ways. Our Lady of Virtue of that time had mercy on them and led them to become a team so honorable and yet so feared that the Lady of this house was granted a seat. For this reason they are forever loyal to the Lady of Virtue, and the Lady Valkyrie will follow the "Great Lady" wherever she leads them. As they are seekers of vengeance they also work willingly with the Imperial Magistrate. Since their acceptance into the council they have agreed to "listen" to what the Grand Lord or higher Royal has to say. But in the end they will always check with the wishes of the Lady of Virtue and only truly Obey her and keep their blood oath to defend the house of Royals IF needed. This realm can only be inhabited by Elven shelas.

Lords of Destiny:
These elves can be a somewhat rowdy bunch when together and rarely mind starting or finishing a fight! But they back and protect their elven fellows 100%! This Special Forces unit has it's own stone and specializes in many skills. They are found serving as part of ELD. a few of these Lords of Destiny are, Lord of Order, Lord of Valor, Lord of Power and Lord Chaos. All are members of this realm none of these lords have a seat on the council, but are to be respected none the less.

Lord / Lady Dreamweaver:
This is the realm of mages, alchemist, necromancers and scholars. They are keepers of many of the oldest and darkest secrets of the kingdom. They are most often involved in guild quests and keep many secrets of other realms to themselves. The Royal Enchanter holds great sway over the Dream Lord of this realm. They are special allies to both the Prince and his Emperor.

Lord of Souls:
This is the realm of Bounty hunters, they seek justice for all (For a price of course). Because of there reputation for "Always getting their Orc", this is a very prosperous and popular house. the Lord of this realm does have a seat in the council. Most Souls are either Pure mages or battle mages. This house is overseen by the Saint of Souls.

Lord of Shadows:
This is the royal realm of assassins; they love to PvP they also love to role-play here they do both. They are probably the most misunderstood realm in the kingdom. They are misunderstood because many elves do not realize that shadows will do whatever it takes to insure survival of the realms. Shadows are only required to reveal themselves to other elves if asked. A shadow may not display his title when practicing his art (the skillful demise of the enemies of the crown.). Shadows are often masters of both hiding and stealth. The few who have escaped their wraith say they remember little except that their own shadow came to life before everything went black! Shadows are often the unsung of the realm, they strike at enemies often unseen. Taking on larger guilds is of no matter to the Shadow it is the thrill of the kill that they live for. Not honorless as some may think, they will defend the helpless from evil whenever they see it!
Because of their high murder count people may see Red when they see a Shadow, regardless of that these elves help their own so we care not what mortals think. To risk turning gray to save the life of a shadow is considered to be one of the most honorable things an elv can do. Elves of any house that seeks justice may seek a shadow; the Lord of Shadows may regulate fees for those seeking the services of his shadows within or without the realm of ELSe. If such fees are successfully collected a portion is to be paid to the Crown. The Lord of Shadows can also choose to waive such fees if he wishes. Only the Emperor, Grand Lord or Shadow Lord can first approve an assigned kill. Proofs of successful kills are also viewed as completed quests, assassins are awarded based on the difficulty of the assignment. Ranks in the Shadow realm may be demoted if kills are found to be honorable or innocent, they may even be expelled from the realm depending on the crime. The Shadow Lord holds no formal seat in the council. As such he answers only to the Emperor. This realm is overseen by the twin brother His Divine Shadow and The Baron Shadow.

Lord of the Obsidians:
These are elven thieves and they also receive little respect from there elven brethren. Yet many of the awards given to other elves come from donations given by this honorable group. They are not allowed to reveal there title while practicing their craft and often enjoy telling there prey that there name is "obsidian" to both honor their house and to confuse their prey! These are often the masters of not only stealing but lock picking as well and stealth and hiding. The Obsidian Lord holds no formal seat in the council. As such he answers only to the Imperial Magistrate.

Lord of Vice:
The realm of vice is one of great mystery. With no seat on the council only the Imperial Viceroy or the Emperor seem to know the dark secrets of this realm and it's Vice Lord.

Lord Ocean/ Tsunami / Mariner:
This is the realm maintained by sailors and fisherman. This realm does have a seat on the council and answers to the Grand Lord of Elves. This sea faring people are also very adept with the bow. They are often seen in the company of Fears often because of their shared fondness for isolation. Many of the best cooks in kingdom got their start in this mysterious realm of the sea.

Lord Forge:
This realm is for tinkers smiths, vendor barons, and other merchants. This is their seat on the council. The Forge Lord answers to the Count De Forge

Lord Courtier:
This tis the realm of Tailors. This realm has a seat on the council and answers to the Grand Lord of Elves. This realm has a close relationship to the realm of Weavers and to mages throughout the Realms. Many tinkers have come from this realm. It is loved by many elves and is steeped in ancient elven lore and myths. Shepherd and tracker elves call this realm home also.