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Elven Beliefs


Elven Beliefs
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Of Elven law and how to become an elv.

Elven beliefs,
By: Eros Rex Elven Emperor

The first thing that a Mortal should know about Elves is that we are ELVES not Mortal. This is important to know because even though we may look alittle like the Mortal and although we are humanoid and have much in common with Mortals we are VERY different. We have a much closer bond with the creation force, and are more in tune with nature. We also have a stronger spiritual / mystical bond with the Deities that we worship our Gods will often speak with us directly. That is because the Elves do not believe that Gods exist, all elves KNOW that Gods exist and that is a very different thing. We do not Worship or Gods, we list to them and obey if it is within our nature to do so, for we know that for a god to appear before us is no small matter and for tells the coming of evens that change lives and alter Elven History.

As far as Elves know we are the symbol of civilization, we have always written our history and although fragmented and lost as times, we have no record of elves behaving as savages. We do not like to kill our own we prefer the debate as is spawns enlightenment for all. We will kill others if we must or to survive but no elv takes the taking of a life lightly, but we do as we must and never look back.

Because we are thus we often laugh at mortal attempts to become civilized. We do not think ourselves better then mortals, we know that we are different and it bothers us that they do not seem to realize this.
For example Our "Leaders" are not leaders as mortals see leaders but as elves see them. To elves leaders are really just superior organizers and are respected for their ability to manage large groups of independent freethinking elves. No elv would ever follow a leader that he could not respect, for us it is that simple. We Bow to the person, not the office because it is the person that makes the office great not vice-versa.

Elves are also a very independent sort, we are equally at home hunting alone or in-groups. We do not need each other like Mortals do, we LIKE each other and can see great benefits in being organized and staying loyal to each other. Contrary to popular belief we Elves are not cold-hearted emotionless beings. We are a people that have been put through much and have survived all. We are very passionate about the lives we lead and proud of the things that our race has done. Elves are also very protective of their helos Mortal or otherwise. We believe that all races have a right to exist.

To Become an Elv:
To enter the Kingdom of all ELSe is not an easy thing and you must be sure that you wish to walk the path. To become an elv you must first seek out an Elder and ask him/her to sponsor you into the guild. The Elder will then spend some time getting to know the you, after this and on the word of others that have met the elv during this time. The elv is then introduced to the Emperor, joined to the stone, given the rank of Squire and shown the homeland. This is a very special time in a young elven life, over the next seven logins or more the Squire is trained to be an elv. When this time has past the Squire is ready to serve a Lord, becoming Elven a true elv. A young elv may be referred to as a lad or child (male), shela, child or lass (female).

Rights of an Elder/Fellow:
A fellow is any elv that serves the realms, fellow is an informal word for friend. Any elv ranked Lady or higher is an Elder, many elves use Elder just as Mortals use the words Mr. or Ms. when formally addressing another. All Elders have say in their government and are encouraged to speak their mind. As long as an Elder is not deemed to be rude they will always have a voice. All elves also have a vote on issues that the Council deems fit for a vote. Elves have the right to do as he pleases if he harms not another elv.

We elves have two ways to resolve enternal or external disputes. Any elv may evoke "right of court" or "right of combat". In either case BOTH parties must agree on the proper forum to resolve their difficulties. If neither party can agree then Both agree that the matter is not important and thus will be forgotten.

Right of Court:
If both parties agree then court will be held. Elven court is different from Mortal Justice. Only the involved parties, witnesses, and legal counsel are allowed to appear before the Royal. A Royal in the court system is either a Royal or his Seer (Advisor) may act as a Royal and preside over court. In Elven Court there are no objections allowed to testimony. Each person gets to speak uninterrupted for 3mins, during this time only The Royal has the right to interfere and ask questions. The counsel from each party may then have 2mins to question the person testifying. Once done The Royal may either render a verdict immediately or ask for a 5min retreat and then give verdict. All agree before hand to do as the Royal rules and to stand by the decision of the court. This is a great role-playing tool and is encouraged to be used instead of a duel.

Right of Combat (a duel):
If both parties agree to this more primal form of justice then the fight is held on Elven ground for all to see and witness. The rules are simple the fight is to the death or until one party recalls. If someone recalls out they are declared the loser of the match. If the loser of the bout dies then justice is served. If the loser recalls he must agree to pay the winner to keep his head. The sum can't be less then 1k nor more then 10k, to be determined by a Royal depending on the rank and title of the losing party.

LOGINS: The Elves does not reckon time the way Mortals do, To us their night is simply a darker form of our eternal day. Elves reckon time by Sleep the time between a Logout and a Login is Elven Sleep and the time that we are "awake" in the realms is our Elven Day. "Lag" is referred to as "Storms" or "foul weather".

The Royal Jewles

The Royal Jewels:
These are the most sacred possession of the Elves. First only Elves or Helos of the Elves may add to the wealth of the Crown Jewels. Second only Elves may see the Crown Jewels, to do this an Elv must come to the Emperor with gemz to add to the wealth of the Kingdom. When he does this he may ask the Emperor to view the Jewels and the Emperor upon accepting the Elven gift must then reveal the Jewels. Only a Royal may wear the Crown Jewels. The Crown Jewels may only be sold of with the consent of the High Council and can only be voted on to be sold in the event of war or emergency. Gems may be given as medals of reward. Only a Royal may give a gem/medal The Gemz awards meanings are thus:

Diamonds: Only the most the most worthy and honorable may get this award and it may only be awarded from a Royal with total approval of the council that is available for a vote. If you are a Diamond you have done something that has saved the Kingdom! You have also helped morale of elves and have rallied behind your people in service to your Emperor in such ways that thanks can not be expressed by mer words alone. A Diamond given is never given alone there is always some extra form of thanks to go with it.

Star Sapphire: Only the pure of heart and motive may receive the Elven Star. A Royal may only give this honor to another Royal; it is given at the Royals discretion to on who has shown by his actions that he is good of heart and intent. This person has done much to help the guild and we are in their debt for their Glorious and Honest service to the Crown. It is also exchanged between lovers as a sign of engagement.
Sapphire: Any elv may give the Elven Phire to his fellow. To get this gem is to have died for your brother elv. You have helped others and you gave your life doing so two fold is the reward. One for honor and the other for sacrifice. All share this gift with their fellows as a way of saying thanks.
Amethyst: This dark gem may only be given by the Emperor himself and with the consent of none! This gem is awarded to the Assassin or Spy of merit and worth to the kingdom. It is said that this gem is also equal to one pardon for any crime! If an Assassin or Spy gives back a Gem that he/she was awarded then they may be forgiven of a crime against any mortal. To get such a gem if not easy for to have done so you must have done some deed for the Emperor that he prefur not to come to light.
Emerald: This is the gentle gem of fortune is a symbol of the elves. Given to those who have done much for the guild in the form of donating money or time spent training younger Elves. It is also awarded to the scholar that has helped the elv to find was to be superior to the Mortals around them. Emeralds may be awarded by Royals to those they feel have helped the Kingdom grow stronger and to prosper. It is said that thus far only Founders have done enough to earn one of theses precious gems. Those who are giving and give often are the Emeralds of the Elven Kingdom.
Citrines: It is said that he who gains a Citrine has endeared himself to the Royal house and is a Lord that is to be trusted by all. A Royal who gives a Lord this Shining gem do so only to encourage a bond of eternal friendship between himself and the Lord that has received this honor. Because of this the Royal that gives a citrine my also grant a wish or a pardon for a misdeed to the Lord. Citrines are also the gem of friendship they may be given in lue of a star sapphire as a friendship stone. The Citrine is also given to the Elv most worthy of note awarded on weekly bases.
Tourmaline: Lords or Royals may give this stone to an elder that they feel deserving. It may be given as a simple thank you for services rendered, for example to a tamer for taming or a smith for smithing. This stone is also awarded to one that has completed a special quest given by a Royal or a Lord. Also after having donated to the Crown jewels it is customary to give an Elder an Elven Tour as a thank you for honesty.
Ruby: This is the stone of honor for those without honor! For it has been said that there is honor among thieves, the ruby is a symbol of that honor. This is given only to the best of thieves one that has not be caught or accused, and yet as brought much wealth to the Kingdom. A thief that is given a Ruby may also trade it in at a latter date for a pardon of crimes against mortals. The Ruby is also given along with the Amethyst for those that have Pked in the name and safety of the guild. This can only be given to one that is successful in bringing the Emperor or Royal the head of one that has pked fellow elves or helos.
Amber: Amber is elven money, it is the most preferred form of money elves carry with them other then gold. It is the most commonly traded gem given in exchange for services or training, the Emperor LOVES amber!

It should be noted that these medals are rare and very hard to come by. The gemz alone has no meaning unless awarded properly (a bounded pair removed from the crown jewels at the same time by the Emperor or Imperial Magistrate and award noted in the book of gemz). The name of any that are awarded a gem must be given to the emperor or Royal so that the name can be added to the list of holders of Crown Jewels. The jewels are numbered and kept track of so that false claim may easily be handled. It is also rumored that because the getting of these gems are so rare and that the deed must be so great, that any that can prove that he or she has honestly received atleast one of every gem may even be granted Royal status!

It has been written let it be so,
Eros Rex Elven Emperor