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The House of Nobles


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The House of Nobles
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The House of Nobles (Nomads, Shelas and other Elves):
The Lords of Sosaria is a realm with many citizens within its walls. The following is a description of some of the other titles held in the kingdom and, their powers or duties. All fellows that do not dwell in the House of Royals, Seers, Regales or Lords dwell in the House of Nobles. This house is full of eager elves and shelas what wish to prove to the world they are noble elves of royal birth!

This is the tile granted to the newest and youngest of elves. As they are just learning to deal with the trials of the sometimes harsh and cold world in which we live, they are not expected to do much else except to sharpen their skills and complete the Quest of Loyalty. Squires as fellows in the realms are welcomed to all meetings and may approach the crown at any time with suggestions or questions. They may also attend certain hunts and may request a Quest of Strength to attempt to increase their advancement in the Realms. All elves care about and are fiercely protective of their newfound brothers; elves will often give their life to insure the safety of a squire.

Fae Shela / Elven Dryad:
This title is granted to a new Shela (Shelas are female elves of Sosaria) that has entered the fold, and pledged her life to join the flights of the Valkerye. A Fae Shela must be a true female in R/L and may be either squire or nomadic (Elven Dryad) in ability. She must complete her quest for loyalty just as her brothers, at the end of her Quest she is guaranteed a place among her fellow Shelas as an Elven Valkerye.

There are two uses for this word in the Realm of ELSe. First elves of all Houses are considered to be of Noble birth (the only exception to this are Nomads and Squires). As a Noble every elv has the right to voice their feelings and opinions regarding their kingdom to any Lord or higher. They attend hunts and may seek to Quest for higher title. Once they have reached Master level in their chosen skill and served in their current post for at least 1 month, if their Realm has an Elder or 2 weeks if without one.

Noble is also the title given to those that are second in command of their realm. For example the Elder of the Bladesingers is the Lady Bladesinger, her second in command would be the Blades Noble, any that serve in the realm under them would be Elven Blades or Bladesingers.

An elder is any elv in ELS ranked Lord or higher.

Dryads and Nomads:

Nomadic Elves:
These are mortals that have wondered Sosaria for many cycles seeking the secrets of the land. In some cases they stumbled across ancient texts that lead them into the realms of the elves, in other cases they meet and befriend a shela or elves becoming helos to them and getting to know of their ways. Either way they are wise and well verse in the art of survival in the realms. Once they are Nomads, they become the wanders of the kingdom. Strangers to all realms within but welcome in all as well, they must complete the Quest of Loyalty before they can take their place in the realms. As Nomads they are not considered as followers but as potential Elders in the realms, because of this they may also request to partake in the Quest of Charity. If they complete this quest they may then seek a seat in the House of Lords as long as there are vacancies. They may become Lord Nomad until there is one or serve within the House of Regales.
Once dubbed a Squire or a Nomad the Quest of Loyalty begins immediately. This quest Begins by deciding which skills the elv will master and how long it will take to master them. Regardless of how well the elv performs the fastest they can change title rank is 2 weeks at a time.
A Squire can be so for no longer then 2 weeks after which time he can either advance to Elven within a chosen realm, advance to Nomad or choose to leave the kingdom. There is no time limit regarding how long one can remain a Nomadic Elv. Once one has become a Nomadic Elv it is up to him to decide at what pace his progress in the realms will take. One may wish to remain a Nomadic Elv eternally. It is important to note that although both Nomads and Squires are invited to attended all open court meetings, they have no formal vote or say in the kingdom until they have completed the Quest of Loyalty and have joined a Realm within the Kingdom.