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Training is a very important part of Elven life. If you do not train correctly then you can not complete your Quest! Below is a partial list of realms and which areas they specialize in.

Stormbringer = GM Battle Mage (experts in swords, magery, and other skill)

Wardancer = GM Warrior (Tactics, mace, wrestling, anatomy, healing and much more)

Thunderwrath = GM Macer (Mace, and other skills, also explorers ready for combat training)

Alorus = GM Mace / Healer (Healing, anatomy, tailor and much more)

Beast Master = GM Tamer (taming, animal lore, anatomy, healing)

Fearstriker = GM Archer (archery, healing, carpentry, and more)

Steel = GM Smith (role play and mining)

Forge = GM Tinker (role play and vendors)

Dream = GM Mage (eval int., meditation, magery)

Bladesinger = GM Fencer / Bard (fencing, barding, role play)

Ocean = GM Fisher (fishing, how to handle boats, role play)

Shadow = GM Assassin ( PvP, stealth, hiding, poisoning)

Obsidian = GM Thief (pick pocket, pick locks, undo traps, role play and much more)

Word = GM Scribe (role play, scribe, alchemy)

Soul = GM PvP (PvP and role play)

Royals = Anyone with a royal title is excellent for general over all training. Each Royal may have a field of specialty but all are generally considered to be excellent trainers for new and intermediate players.