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Houses of ELSe


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Elven Heritage

A Gathering of Royals:

This is a formal meeting of 3 or more Royals in order to review or effect policy changes within ELS or the kingdoms it rules over. At a level too high or too sensitive for the High Council to deal with. The Emperor or one with the title of Queen / King / Grand Lord / Oracle in the Emperors extended absents must be present for the gathering to be considered official. If not any changes made will be subject to the Emperors review upon his return.


Founders are spread through out the kingdom. Founders walk in secret among the elves and are known only to each other. While they have no formal powers their presence is felt through out the realms. Founders are deemed so because they have proven their undying loyalty to the kingdom by both personal sacrifice and with honor. There can only be 8 founders per kingdom. Although they may have different titles the keen observer can easily spot a founder for only a founder may access the secure chests or place a vendor on elven property. Founders should contribute regularly in some form to the Realms prosperity.

The War Tribunal:

Those whom votes are sought in order to sue the High Council for the declaration of an overt war:

The Emperor, Prince, Imperial Viceroy, Imperial Grand Lord, Imperial Magistrate, Count Forge, Lord of War and the Oracle are those needed to create the tribunal. If any 4 of this tribunal alone or more then 6 together vote for war the High Council must agree to vote on the subject of war and if that vote passes, then conditions of war will go into effect. Conditions of war will be shared with all by the Grand Lord once the council has agreed on them.

The High Council:
A Group composed of all Ladies and Lords that hold sway over the different realms in the House of Lords. This house is chaired by the Grand Lord and is overseen by the House of Royals and by certain members of the House of Seers. Every Lord and Lady has a vote in matters that maybe brought before the council by any Royal. Only Royals may decide what matters are to be brought before the council to vote on. Any Lady or higher may approach a royal with a suggestion to be brought before the council for a vote. All counsel members also agree to be points of contact in times of trouble. They may also be called to vote a Royal back in as keeper of the stone. Each lord has the ability to recruit friends of theirs into the realm. Each member of the council is expected to host at least one hunt a month. They should also each have the ability to recall if needed and have Icq. This house once full will also vote on who within it or the House of Seers or Regales may next quest for Royalty. If a Lord wishes to recruit a Bane (the Elven word for strange or stranger) into ELS, they must first show the Bane the book of ELSeWords they are asked to read and agree with it. The Lord then introduce the Bane to a fellow Lady or Lord in the council, if both agree the Helos (elven for friend or trusted ally) is then brought before a Royal or the Emperor.

House of Seers:
This house holds some of the most influential members of the Realms and most certainly some of the most trusted. This House is the house of spirituality and is made up of both advisors to individual Royals as well as advisors to some of the different Kingdoms in the land. Future Royals come from this House or pass through the House of Regales. It may also contain the Lords over kingdoms that have their own stone.

High/Lord Seer:
He is most often the personal advisor to the Emperor and he insures that all in his house are content with their rolls or if they seek to quest for high roles within the Kingdom. As most seers are at a level in the guild that they need no supervision the Lord of this house need not always be present. When he is he must be afforded all the respect due a Lord in such a powerful house. He answers to the Oracle of Elves

Elven Viceroy:
This title belongs to the personal advisor of the Imperial Viceroy. He helps facilitate in the maintenance of foreign relations with other guilds.

Royal Enchanter / Enchantress:
This post is held by the Court Magi and can only be held by a GM in the Mystic arts or in Necromancy. The Lord or Lady of this post also holds sway over the Realm of Weavers. And may take the lead in that realm as they see fit or to train members of it. Although they may not vote for the Lady or Lord of that house in Council they do hold much influence over it otherwise. They are the Quest Seers of the Realms.

Elven Jester:
He is the prankster of the guild and is in charge of keeping moral high! He provides a quick laugh when faces are blue. He makes you feel good about having friends! Because of his antics he is the elv most often banned from a guild house but is always welcomed back. He is a favored of the Emperor and though he may be good for a laugh in tough times he is a great fighter and should be respected as such. (Or he maybe forced to give you a Royal whack on the head!) Royal Elven Jester is the title given to a Jester that has achieved Royals status and has become holy son to the Emperor.

Royal Couturier:
This post is held by the Couturier of the Royals. This guy insures that all Royals are always well dressed and in good form! He is humble in manor and unlimited in patience and ideas but excellent in taste! He can often convince the Emperor to wear ANYTHING he feels is in good taste (no matter how absurd it may look to others). WE LOVE this guy! (Even if the Emperor does threaten to take off his head every now and then.) The Couturier is also Lord over the house of Couturiers. This is the only seat in the House of Seers that also has a seat in the High Council as a Lord!

Royal / Elven Advisor:
This post can be held by anyone asked to become advisor to any royal within the realm. A Royal may ask anyone they wish to be their advisor. No matter what the members original rank is (even Squire!). It is up to that Royal and none may challenge their choice (the only exceptions, no none elves or doppelgangers (picking an avatar you created and placed in the guild as your advisor)). The title given to the advisor is between the Royal and the advisor chosen to decide upon.

House of Regales:
This House is lead by the Imperial Viceroy and can be supervised by his Elven Viceroy in his absences.
All Regales in this house have the same powers and abilities the only difference being the Guild that they facilitate. As The House of Seers helps to maintain calm inside the realms, the House of Regales helps maintain calm outside the realm. Any Regal may organize a hunt or Quest in alliance with the guild they supervise. They can also represent concerns of allied guilds to their Viceroy or to the Emperor himself. Only the most trusted among elves may hold this post and once trained they are then considered excellent candidates for Royalty.