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The House of Royals


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Elven Structure:

There have been many questions regarding the power structure of the Elven Lords of Sosaria and our very structure has changed many times in the past and it continues to evolve. This therefore will be an attempt to explain the current structure of the kingdom and the individual powers of those within. First of all a "House" does not mean a House literally speaking it means a group or gathering of elves that share something in common. This definition is the same for the use of the word realm or realms. Watch closely to how these words are used for a better meaning and a clear definition.

The House of Royals:
The Elven Lord Emperor currently leads this house which holds all Realm Masters and potential Realm Masters over all ELSe. Royals make up and approve quests for the Realms. They may also vote demote or deny title to a Lady or Lord. All Royals have the right to be friended to all ELS property holdings. They also have the right to create or inherit their own realm (a group of elves) to serve as their guards of their personage. This house holds the future Kings of the land and is the communications hub for all ELS that have Icq. All current Royals are expected to have a current list of all ELS members Icq #'s. (the Emperor's Icq is 1194244). They should also be able to supply Icq lists to other elves. Royals mass message on Icq as needed and forward requests for items sought or need to be sold by all ELSe and Helos (helos is the elven word for friend). Royals are the nucleus of the Realm and are a very tight nit group it is very important to treat ALL Royals with utmost respect to offend one could mean expulsion from the Realms. Royals in addition to sharing these duties also have their own unique abilities native to their individual titles. Most Royals also have a list of Elven Allies/Helos and their fellows.

Elven Lord Emperor:
This is the Rightful Ruler of the Realms of ELSe. The person holding this title bares the ultimate responsibility for the actions of the realm as a whole. The current Emperor is Eros Rex and his is the only voice that may speak for the kingdom as a whole. While Ladies and Lords may speak for their individual realm (a gathering of elves that they are in charge of) only the Emperor may speak for all Houses and Realms within the Kingdom. Because he is Lord Elder of a republic, his word must always reflect the will of the elves as well as his own. He must be advised of all major changes within the kingdom and is responsible for granting or changing of titles and acceptance of justly sponsored elves entry into all ELSe. He also oversees all quests, and sub-plots in the Realms. In times of prosperity (over 20 members) he is to delegate other guild functions to the proper houses to share power of the throne with those he deems worthy. The Emperor is also the guardian and keeper of the Crown Jewels (A collection of royal gemz that the kingdom measures it's total worth by.). In times of low membership the Emperor may dispense the gemz as he sees fit for the well being of the kingdom. During times of high membership he must apply to at least 2 other Royals in his house for approval of extreme or sensitive matter use of the gemz and seek their approval. For other matters such as land transfer, and the awarding of certain gemz for merit (The Diamond, Star and Emerald to be exact.) he should seek approval of the High Council. He should never have to toggle their title. Except in times when the Emperor knows he will be away in his other worldly home of Olympus, thus becoming a powerless Hermit here in Sosaria as he then temporarily grants the stones power to the Ranking King, Queen, Grand Lord or Viceroy (in that order.). During role play the emperor holds special interest in the realms of Storms, Dreams, Words and Nomads.

Elven Lord King / Queen Le Shela :
The Lord King, rules his own kingdom and has his own house and throne (guild stone), This is the highest rank that can be achieved by any member of ELS. Only one with the rank of Lord King may have his own stone and co-own a house (that may or may not be owned by a fellow Royal) to rule over. Kings / Queens have much the same rights and powers as the Emperor only their control extends only to their stone not above it or over another stone. They are Cousins to the Emperor. They are sworn by their honor to obey all the laws of their Emperor's Land and to serve as an Eleven Lord of Sosaria with honor or return the stone for another destiny. Lord of Valor, Destiny and Order are lower ranking titles of this position they all inhabit the realms of Power. Those that hold such titles are questing for royalty and the honor of attaining this title. These Lords belong to the House of Lords. The Powers are the private guard of the Grand Lord the Emperor's brother.
This Co-Counsel position is held by one waiting to receive his own kingdom this title can only be held in ELS Proper and there can be no more then 4 Kings in waiting at any time in ELS Proper. Kings Co-lead ELS with the Emperor and stand ready to lead the guild in case the emperor is unable to. They have the power (with the help or advice of other Royals present) to make decisions for the kingdom in the Emperors absence and may also speak for the kingdom in absences of the emperor (only kings or a Viceroy may do this). They also oversee the functions of all Realms in the House of Lords as well as assist in the running of the house of Seers and Regales. They may form quests independent of the Emperor for members of the House of Seers or House of Lords, only Grand Lords or above may partake of this power.
Only Kings and above may grant the titles of Lady or higher to duly quested fellows in the Realms.

Grand Lord / Lady / Le Faye of All:
This is the High Lord of the Council of Lords he rules over the House of Lords and Nobles, and represents the views and wishes of the largest houses in the kingdom to his fellow Royals and his Emperor. He is also brother to the Emperor and advisor to the Prince (his nephew). He may hold meetings of this house with or without the knowledge of other Royals (including the Emperor), but such meetings can not be considered formal unless attended by at least two other Royals. He must be informed of all rank and title changes in his house and may suggest the promotion or demotion of any elv (Lady, Lord or lower) within his houses. He Coordinates hunts to insure that there is no conflict with others wishing to lead hunts. Hunts should be coordinated with the Grand Lord or his appointed Advisor. If a conflict occurs then the hunt not scheduled must be forfeit. The Lord of All has the right and power to resolve all conflicts within his houses, as he must also inform his Emperor or King and fellow Royals of changes or reasons for such. If a Lady or Lord feels they have suffered Judgment wrongly they may appeal to the Imperial Magistrate (if they seek justice), Our Lady of Virtue (If they seek forgiveness), or the Emperor himself (If they seek mercy). The Grand Lord need not seek his Emperors advice on the handling of his house but if the Emperor is available to him it is encouraged that he do so.
Although he holds special leadership powers over the House of Lords he shares interest in this house with his Royal relatives. His special powers as Grand Lord are in his ability to gather the house and preside over hunts, meetings, votes and discussions held. During periods after the meeting he shares interest in and responsibility of the House of Lords with his fellow royals. During these times of role-play he holds special interest in the realms of Blades, War, and Power. He should never have to toggle his title.

Crown Prince / Princess of Elves:
This post is granted to the Heir apparent and son to the Emperor of Elves. This post is given to one whom is waiting to be granted higher status in the House of Royals. The Prince holds sway over ELD (Elven Lords of Destiny a guild of Pker hunters and guardians of all ELSe), so he need not seek approval from their Lord to have them as his royal guard or avengers. He helps Royals in the running of the kingdom. He maybe granted special powers as needed to help him in this function. A powerful role if played wisely this Royal is an excellent PvPer none the less, he is to be respected as Elder when other Royals are not present. He holds sway over the realm of ELD and shares interest in the Realm of Dreams

Imperial Viceroy:
The Viceroy is head of the House of Regales, the small group of elves that handle foreign relationships with Guilds and Kingdoms outside of all ELSe. He is brother to the emperor. Every guild that the ELS allies with should have a Regal appointed to insure good relations with that guild. This post is also needed to coordinate functions and joint hunts with our Helos (elven friends or allies). He may hold meetings of this house with or without the knowledge of other Royals (including the Emperor) such meetings are to be considered formal if he so wishes, with or without the presence of any other Seer or Royal. The Viceroy as Elder of this house handles hunts and coordinates these schedules with his brother the Grand Lord. He assumes primary relations with any guild that for any reason looses its Regal. He is charged with seeking out other honorable and trustworthy guilds to Ally with. No one may enter his house without his approval or that of his chosen Advisor (the elven viceroy). In the absences of both parties then an Emperor, King or Grand Lord shall approve entry; all such entries maybe reviewed upon the Viceroy's return and are subject to his sole approval. The Viceroy must also be informed of all quests in his house or that involve other guilds that we are allied with. In times of war the Viceroy is responsible for maintaining allied relations. In the absences of a King or the Emperor, he is considered to be the second only to the Grand Lord of Elves. While his house may never be as large as other houses in the realm it is none the less considered to be just as if not more important then some, for his house deals with external affairs that could well fore tell the success of the kingdom or its ruin. He holds special interest over the realms of Vice and Thunder.

Imperial Magistrate:
The Magistrate is the Law of the Land given form. He is younger brother to the emperor. He hears all legal disputes and he may then decide to resolve the issue or turn it over to a fellow Royal, Seer or the Emperor himself to handle. The Magistrate handles not only internal disputes but external ones as well. He handles justice matters of all elves felled by mortal or orcish hands. He may prevail upon the Prince or the realm of ELD to help with this task. If he feels the matter needs to be handled with stealth or diplomacy he may seek out the Shadow Lord to accomplish the task. The Magistrate may do whatever he feels is needed to insure the honor and integrity of the kingdom. He may even form his own unit of "Magistrates" to serve as bounty hunters to the throne. He may at times toggle his title, or grant permission to others (including Royals) to toggle theirs. He holds special interest over the realms of Magistrates, and Obsidian

Other Elven Royals....

Oracle of Elves:
The Oracle is the twin sister of the emperor. As the fraternal twin sister of Rex, she is the ranking Sheila in the realms. But she put aside her aspirations of leadership and instead followed the calling priesthood. She forsook all material ambition and instead of seeking to become Empress of Elves, she instead became spiritual Elder of the realms in taking up the title Oracle of Elves. As the spiritual Elder she seeks to improve the well being of the realms by recruiting into the houses that she oversees: The realms of Alorens (healers), and Winds (female tamers/healers/archers). She also rules the House of Seers.

Count De Forge (Helos Rex):
The Count is a regal from another land. It is not known exactly how he is related to the Emperor, but it is obvious that these two Elves share a very strong bond of trust and friendship. The Count is the "intended" (husband of the Oracle the Emperor sister) of the Oracle. The Holds main interest over matters and affairs of trade. He holds way over the rounds of Steel, Forage, and Mariner.

Our Lady of Virtue:
She is youngest sister to the emperor. As such she is guiding factor in the moral direction of the Kingdom. She is lead counsel to Squires and may recruit any she deems worthy of membership into ELS. It is her duty to insure the kingdom remains virtuous and fair to all elves. She is an adviser and trainer in matters of role-play. She may speak on behalf of any that has fallen from grace in the eyes of the throne; her desire for mercy can sway harsh judgment over any, from the highest of Royals to the Lowest of Squires. She also holds sway over the realm of Valkyrie and may prevail upon the Lady of that house to lead them, as she feels is best. The Mistress of Virtue is also a title concerned with insuring good Role-play.

The Saint of Souls:
He is the soul reaper the harvester of Souls. On of the Main Pkers of ELSeWhere. He is bounty hunter to the Emperor and of the realms. He "redeems" the souls of those who have Pked the innocent. He and is often seen in the company of his Soul Reapers, the Lord of Souls answers directly to him and to the Emperor. The Saint will except bounties for his work and thusly is often seen helping weaker mortals to survive. He is often seen either returning such bounties for the pleasure of the kill or donating the bounties to other victims of savage Pkers. If you are pure of heart, victim of a fowl Pker and you see his title even if he were red, you have found the answer to your prayers.

Vizier Imperious:
This is the Royal Treasurer that oversees all financial duties of the kingdom and brother to the Emperor. The Vizier Imperious is responsible for overseeing fund raising events and collection of tides offered to the throne. In the absences of this post the duties of this title may fall upon the Emperor, King, Queen, Imperial Viceroy or Count Forge. He should never have to toggle his title. In Times of High Prosperity he is also allowed to collect and account for the Crown Jewels. 50 or more members and a 2 guild stone minimum are needed for this. He is accountable to the Emperor and the Grand Lord regarding balance reports.

Czar Duke of Elves:
He is Nephew to the Emperor and son of the Viceroy. His formal duties are to help out with internal problems, and also to govern role play issues. He may also gather elves to lead hunts or to train as he sees fit. This title grants the most freedom to one of Royal birth. This is only to make their previous rank usable while the Royal is absent. The Duke is often seen in the company of the Beast Lord and watching over that realm.

His Divine Shadow and The Baron Shadow:
The Ranking PKers in the Realms share this post. This post is shared because of the nature of the realm it is immersed in, the shadows are two brothers fraternal plan to one is constantly plotting the destruction of the other. Because of the Able and Cane type relationship that these two share, one is always trying to prove to the Emperor that he is the better elv. They will get 411 on anyone anywhere in any manner possible to get the information they need in order to be the Emperor's best and most trusted informants. The two are also always in constant battle plotting ambush is against one another. Their exploits can be very entertaining from time to time. Although this post has no leadership ability it may toggle it's Title at any time, and has every other right that Royals share in common. Except for Quest chairing, gem blessings, stone bearing and matters of property. Only a Royal Enchanter, Court Jester, Storm Lord, Wardancer, Shadow Lord or Lord of Obsidians may vie for this Post. This title may seek higher Royal status only when not Red. The holder of this title is also generally considered the best in PvP ability. They should always be consulted before declaring states of war or sought when seeking PvP advisement. He is cousin to the Emperor. They hold special interest over the Realm of Shadows and its Lord.

Marquis De Elves:
He is nephew to the Emperor and son of the Grand Lord. If a Royal of higher or lower rank is absent for an extended period of time with honorable service they may be changed over to this rank. He oversees the realm of Fear.

Royal Viscount:
This title belongs to the Royal court reporter and events planner of ELS. He helps oversee the Realm of Words. If this post is vacant then an event planing falls to The Grand Lord. He is nephew to the Emperor and son of the Imperial Magistrate.

Court Jester:
Royal Elven Jester is the title given to a Jester that has achieved Royals status and has become Holy Son (similar to the mortal phrase adopted, red headed, stepchild) to the Emperor. What are his missions? have fun! What are his duties? Have a laugh or two (at YOUR expense). He holds special interest over the realm of Fools

Additional Royal abilities:
In addition to the aforementioned powers every royal has the right to choose a personal advisor (unless they have their own realm that they oversee, then the Lady or Lord of that realm shall act as their advisor). This advisor can act in the Royals best interest when the royal is away or unable to vote on guild matters. An advisor cannot vote in a Royals absence. They may however express how she or he thinks the absence Royal would vote if they were able. Advisors also serve as the Royals personal confidante and personal friend their loyalty is first and foremost to the Royal that they serve. It should be noted that all advisors serve in the House of Seers. Royals are generally considered to be he masters are grand masters at one or more skills. Many Royals can cast gate / resurrect the dead. Those elves that are master or higher may quest to prove that they are of Royal birth and enter the House of Royals, once they have served in the House of Regales or the House of Seers.