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Who Is Eros Rex?


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Internet Consultant

I am also happy to server as your personal Internet consultant or tour guide! I know of a variety of different programs to help you find the information you need or to help show you around this great World Wide Web!

For personal non-business related Internet consultation I am available by email at any time. You are guaranteed in answer to your question within 24 hours. These questions should be Internet or email related only, but may include certain hardware and software related computer problems. The cost of this service is 40.00 for one full year of questions, at the rate of two or three questions per week!

Internet Escort, Internet Private eye / Bodyguard:

May be you would like to locate a friend you have loss contact with? Maybe you would just like to get on the net and surf different sites with someone you know and can chat with and meet other people while doing so!
Maybe you hate junk email (spams) but would like to receive occasional email's regarding important information on the latest computer viruses and how best to avoid them! If so them please continue to read below.

Internet escort:

this service is available if you have an Internet service that will allow you to run virtual places. A program created by the creators of excite. If you're interested in this service please email me for more information. The cost for the service can vary so please contact me directly for information.

Internet private eye:

the cost of this service is only 10.00 per name! email mean with the name of the individual you would like to find along with any other information that you can provide me with. Receive the answer to the information you are looking for within 24 hours of receipt of payment!

Internet bodyguard:

With this service I watch your back on the Internet! For 60.00 a year I will email you at least once a month with pertinent information specialized to you. Your monthly email will contain information such as alerts to software upgrades that you own and links that makes it easy for you to click on to download them. You also received alerts as needed. These alerts will come as often as deemed necessary and will always be very important for you to read. It will contain information on viruses are other specialized information that you may request need to lookout for.
The best thing about this service is that because you requested it and because it is specialized to you, you'll know that when you receive an email from me that it contains information that you will be interested an and that you'll want to read!
Please email me for more information.

Eros Rex