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Who Is Eros Rex?


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On this page I will discuss my spiritual knowledge....

I would first like to clarify the fact that my spiritual knowledge is strictly my own. I am not sharing this information to try and change or challenge anyone's faith. If it works for you then it is blessed, I write these words to help and not to hinder. I put my ideas forth to share not to judge are to be judged. If you are so strong with your faith that you are offended by thoughts of religious freedom then I encourage you to please look elsewhere on my site as you might find other things more interesting then what you shall find here.

I have been reading tarot cards, since I was 16 years of age. It is my chosen form to communicate with my higher self. Over the years I've been able to help many people through my use of palmistry, numerology, and the tarot. I have found a good amount of satisfaction in helping those who have sought me out.

The Three

If you would like a reading, please contact me by email with your full name, date and time of birth, and if possible a picture of yourself. I will contact you back with information about what I feel is going on a round you. If you feel that you can relate to my words then I will schedule an appointment with you for a reading.
If you are under the age of 18, I cannot read for you.

My Beliefs...

I would first like to say that I know there is a God, and that energy which is God envelopes is all. We're all connected and yet we are all individuals, we are all part of nature and yet most of us choose to live separate from it. Herein lies the truth if you are willing to see it and to except it. You may embrace God or you may turn away from God whatever you choose will not affect the existence of God one-way are the other (anymore then refusing to except the fact that a car has an engine, simply because you cannot see the engine will not affect the fact that it exists).
To except the fact that there is both male and female is to also except the duality of God. To try and forced one sexual identity upon God is to try and limit the unlimited, this simply cannot be done. To except the fact that there are multiple Galaxy's and to accept the fact that there are multiple atoms (which themselves resemble small universes), is to except the fact that there is Light, darkness, order, logic, science, magick, death, chaos, life and, therefore God in all things great and small.

Everyone therefore has a piece of the infinite within it and is able to contact the infinite at any point in time. This is the basis of my spirituality and the foundation of my knowledge......

I use the word knowledge because once a person understands these facts and has an understanding of these things they no longer need to have faith (faith is no more than the sincere and strong HOPE that what you believe in is true.), faith is quickly replaced by knowledge. The knowledge of the FACT that God does indeed exist, and that you can communicate with God at any time you wish if you are willing to trying and understand how....

Interpretation is the key, I may not always be able to psychically get to the root of a problem. I do however honestly promise to try my best to help alleviate and find the solution to any pain or problems you are trying to solve. If however I feel that I cannot or have not been able to help I will not except payment for my services.