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Who Is Eros Rex?


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Pipe Magick
Liberace in Pipe Cleaners
Soon to be on display at the Liberace Museum.


"Pipe Art" (Think "Pop Art")is the new art form and term used to describe my works. My elves, sprites, angels and other creations are made entirely with pipe cleaners, because they are handmade each one is unique. Since they are made with pipe cleaners the colors stay fresh and vibrant for decades and they can be formed into a variety of different poses.  They make perfect Christmas ornaments, pins, or can be hung in your car for an added touch.  If sprayed with cologne or perfume they provide and maintain a pleasant smell.

I began working with pipe cleaners as a child. I taught myself this art form thus I am the only person  who knows how to create them. My works can be commissioned and each one comes with a numbered certificate stating it's name and date of birth. 

The current cost for one can range anywhere from 10.00 to 15.00 dollars (UNLV Students enjoy a 5.00 discount, Faculty members get a 2.00 discount) depending on size and requested colors.  (Prices quotes are current for at least two weeks after 11/05/02 but are subject to change without notice depending on order placement and demand, after this date please e-mail me for a current quote) If you were referred to by a member of NRLE or SSDP, simply let me know and I will donate a percentage of the sale to help further their causes.



Click on thumbnails bellow for a closer look at my work...

Stargazer the all seer

StarGazer; approximately 5 inches in height

Hern the hunter

Hern the hunter; 4 1/2 inches in height.

They are soft and furry to the touch!

Enhance your environment.

Be the first to own a truly one-of-a-kind item!

Repose them when ever you wish to reflect your artistic mood. Make your friends "look again"! Are they seeing things? No, that's the beauty of Pipe Art!


To place your order by email Please click on my name below. In your email please let me know if you wish to receive a male/female. Also included your four favorite colors and the number you would like me to create for you (A limit of four colors per form please.).

If you would like me to create an animal found in nature (or Dragons, Unicorns, Angels, Mermaids or other mythological creatures) or if you wish to have semi-precious stones (3-5 gems per request) attached to enhance the beauty of your special edition creation please include a request. (addsional costs will depend on request.)


Click on the link below to read stories I have written about Elves who live in a land called Sosaria...

Elven Lords Of Sosaria

where will one turn up in your house?

Decorate in a truly unique style...

Yes they are completely water resistant!

Their colors will stay fresh for decades!

The Gathering

A Gathering

stunning pieces of conversation.

A colorful display

Add a touch of Fantasy to your Reality.....

Create an Air of Mystery...

Build your own unique collection!

"Finally you can own a collection that is as uniquely different as you are!  I can create any form you can imagen just for YOU.  Have a favorite kind of animal (a dolphin or a hawk for example), or would you like a simple rose?  Want a Dragon or maybe a Unicorn?  A perfect butterfly to last for years or the likeness of a famous person, good friend or Super Hero. Maybe you'd like me to just make you on your skate board, whatever I can create an item just for you."

Allow your imagination to fly free.....

Enjoy the look of wonder and amazement in your friends eyes.

LRartisans are as unique is you are!

Become apart of art history! They will become collectable very quickly, as I am currently seeking funding to create a life sized form made of pipe cleaners for Display on the University of Las Vegas Campus...

21st century art

You have seen the art of the 19th and 20th centuries, today take a step into the 21st century and see forms artists of the future will be creating TODAY....

I would like to thank you for taking the time to view my gallery. I wish to take a moment to personally guarantee everyone that the first 152 orders that are placed will be made by myself, the founder and creator of this "Pipe Art" form. For over 25 years I have worked to perfect this form of artistic expression. Please feel free to review the latest article conserning my work as found in a recent edtion of the Las Vegas Rebel Yell.

Never before have I made my works available to the public, but I have figures in my personal collection that are over 20 years old, and they are still colorful, vibrant and fully posable with very few signs of age.
Please note that after the first 60 orders have been received the price for an indivdual work will be raised. Any figurine in this category will have a selection of four colors, and will also be given the option of which type of figurine they wish to receive (male, female, animal or mythological creature.). These special additions will also be adorned with faux, or rhine stones attached. A selection of flesh tones will also be available (Brown, Pink, Light Brown, or Yellow.).
Once a piece is commissioned the individual will be contacted by me and told when (no more then  2weeks) they may expect to receive their personally handcrafted figurine.
The first 650 Elven figurines will come with a numbered certificate of authenticity (available to be signed by me). After the first 160 orders have been filled, the remaining 490 orders will be sold for an additional commision per figurine. Once again I thank you for visiting my site and ask you to share it with others who may wish to fund my work or commission a piece.

Eros Rex