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My Sister's Wedding

On this page you'll find pictures of my sisters wedding, which I took with my digital camera. If you have pictures of this event which you would like to see displayed on this page please email me. To display larger images of individual pictures please click on the thumbnail of the picture you would like to see.

Jill and Eric at their wedding table

Jill and Eric


Matron of Honor

Groom's Grandparents

Groom's Grandparents

There are many more Pictures to be found of both the wedding and of the party that was held for my sister and brother-in-law before the wedding under the link below. Please note that these Pictures are not thumbnails but all are simply reduced in size. To see more Pictures of the wedding of the millennium just click the link below!

More Wedding Pictures

Party Pictures

The Wedding Dance

The wedding dance

Mr.&Mrs. May

Guests of the Bride


Relatives of the Bride

Tonya and friends

Groom's Uncle with guests

Uncle Donald

Bride's Uncle and Pastor

Eric's Parents

Eric's Parents

Our parents

Jill's Parents

Leanne and Jolie

Bride's Maids


Groom's Men

Family of the Bride

Bride's Aunts and Uncles

If any of you would like me to e-mail you a photo quality copy of a certain picture(s) please let me know. Simply click on my name below to email me :)

Please remember Photo quality pics are much more clear, can be printed out on your own personal printer or taken to a developer for processing. But they also take a long lime to upload to your computer because they are much larger files (1 to 2 Megs depending on the picture). Web Quality pictures can be printed and are alot easier and faster to upload (Simply right click on the picture and save.)the quality is lower, as the files are smaller. Questions? E-mail me :)