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A History of Elves in Sosaria

This story is for all Elders who would know of their history.

Elven Lore,
By: Eros Rex Elven Emperor

Elven History is held deep within the darkness of history. It is said that at the dawn of time in the Old World there were 3 main humanoid races, the Caines (now called the headless) and the Mongs (now called the Mongbats). Legend has it that all 3 races existed in peace and harmony in a lush tropical forest. Another race the Orcs had barely begun to civilize and Humans were unheard of.
The Elv were Hunters, Tamers and Mages they were also very good Tailors and Cooks. An Elv named Imperious Rex (an ancient relative of today's Eros Rex) led them during this wondrous time. Elv was the race of magic just as the Caines being the thinkers that they were enjoyed the sciences and The Mong's exploration. It was the Mong's that discovered the Snake people and later the Spider folk. The war with these two races would cost all dearly. It was war that lasted 400 yrs and when it was done the Caines had been mutated into a Headless brutal race that was born pregnant and spawn mindlessly and attacking any that are not there own. The Winged Mongs were De-evolved to a mindless brutal race of flying monkeys. And The Elves were turned into homeless nomads' left to wander the world in search on a home. Three such Elv were named Mystic (not to be confused with Mystic One of today), Guythan (great, great, great grand father of Guybrush) and Zazaron. These 3 Elves are credited with founding the New world by following a cave beneath an ancient elven burial ground. It was these Ancient Elv that founded the city of Shar, which is legend to be buried beneath where Vesper now stands. Shar was the shinning glory of the New World and even the Elv that stayed behind now lead by The Great Iceron had heard and wrote of it. And so it was until the Humans came to that world and founded Britannia. Ratmen, Lizardmen, Dragons and the horrid elv only disease known as the Elves Bane plagued Elves at that time. The Elv and there leader the ill-fated Iriana could not hope to cope with all of this; Mortals were the final straws that forced the Elv to all but fade from existence. Mean while the Elv of the, Old world were also dealt a harsh blow for the settlement was again set upon by the Snake and Spider people only this Time the Gods themselves were involved! The Gods of Olympus aided the Mad Drakkon, 1st Emperor of the Elv in his holy war. The Titans aided the snakes and spiders. This war left the Elv in victory but also left their kingdom an empty and baron place. The once tropical forest was left a baron desert, but the Snake people were driven back forever and the spider people fled even further away. This was known as the Blighting, the war left the people with a land but no history. All knowledge of the New World was wiped from their history and the great forest Elv were now a Desert people, nomads their only minor copetion were the Mongs and the Headless that spawned around them. From this Land came Eros Rex and his Royal peers Oakliegh, Theone, Guybrush, and Donavon. They were all friends and Eros was Eldest in a line of Royals. It was they that found an ancient and deadly entry into to New World that lead from the desert to an Island paradise called Serpents Hold. The Older Elves went there separate ways leaving the two Younger ones (Eros and Guybrush) on the Island to fend for themselves.
It was here that Eros met his Cousin Elves the Mystic One, Zazar and Mulch. They were all members of a Royal house that fled the main land for Serpents Hold soon after the fall Shar. Mystic One and Zazar were reforming the Kingdom when Eros met them and shared with them the secret Elven sign of Royalty.
Upon recognition of the Sign they share the stories and legends of the Great elv in their past. They then set about with the help of Gunther, Theone and many others to re-build a Kingdom of Elves. Regal Elv were found and others as well, even a few that seemed not to truly care for the Elves and indeed in time turned out not to be Elv at all! The Elven kingdom had grown fast in a short time under them. But as the kingdom grew Mystic and Eros grew apart, as Eros longed for a return to the old ways and a return to the Old Country and the Island of Serpents Hold. The Hustle, Bustle of Britinia being to much for Eros, he and a few select member of the Kingdom decided to Return the Elves to its former glory in the days of old and to go back to the old country and re-claim the kingdom as their own. These Lords of ELSe Lead by Eros Rex and Prince Icewalker and joined by His Fellows Shar Darkstar and Bane Resse will now venture out into the new world to set about the rebuilding of the Old Kingdom to a higher glory ever before known.

Elven Culture,

Profile: all Elves have certain natural abilities that they are born with. 1st is Magic not all Elves are mages but all are born with the potential to be and can cast Recall almost from birth. This is an ability that they can keep or lose over time depending on what path they choose in life. 1st Recall is a major step in an Elv's Life much like walking is a big thing for Mortals. 2nd All Elv can see in the dark well either by position are spell they can always see at night. 3rd Telepathy all Elves share a Telepathic bond with their fellows they use this power to communicate long messages or to send out a call for help or to speak with a friend far away.

Elves do not judge each other by skin color, but by Hair length instead! There are Short hairs and Long hairs and once there was great division between the two, but now days with so many other races Like the Orcs vying for power, the shorts and longs have settled most of there differences and work very well together. It is noted however that Most Longs are either Royal or hold some form of power and that most shorts do wish that they were born Longs and some wish for the hair to the point of wearing wigs.

Elves have other Skills that though not born with they are the best at due to generations of training. 1st is Smithing Elves are almost born Smiths, and the Axe is their weapon. A true Elv prefers an Axe but is equally at home with a good sword. Elves are first among the archer races and are well known for their true aim and uncanny sight. Before the Blighting, Elves of the Old Country were the greatest among Bowers.

The Elven Dream Weavers are the Shamen of the Elves along with magic use these Elves are born with natural Taming or Bardic abilities It said that such Elves are revered and held in high regard for there unique abilities. They are also Healers, Trackers and Fishers. Tamers also have the special right to tame anything that they wish in the kingdom as long as they know that it must always released that which they have no use for, so that others may benefit.

The Economy:
The Elv are a proud people and rarely ask any for help (even there own!). Elven Squires are at the base of this system followed by the Warrior, Archer and Mage classes. They are the main suppliers of the secret of Elven wealth. These classes are much like farmers of the Emperors land they donate certain Items that they harvest and may keep rest. The Elven wealth comes from there Home Land, which was Re-discovered by Eros Rex and is now reclaimed for Elves only to wander.

Elven Laws:

#1) No Squire may ask any elder for money. Elvs are a proud people and to be an Elv is to be willing to make your own way in the world, while you are trained by your Elders and given the knowledge you need to survive in the world of UO.

#2) No Squire may speak ill to of a Founder, If a Squire and a Founder do not get along that Squire is more then welcome to leave the ELV and find a new home.

#3) Squires have first right to the Land that they Harvest. Squires are held above all in there right to harvest elven land so that they may earn a living and grow strong. Any elder that is harvesting in the Old Country when a Squire arrives must give monster kill rights to the squire and go to animal Harvesting if that elder so wishes.

#4) Do as thou wilt but harm not another Elv nor bare false witness against a Founder. That be the whole of the word and the Law.

#5) Defending the Royal Jewels (AKA the Family Jewels). He who holds the jewels holds the heart of the realm. This collection of rare gems and jewelry has been held buy Royalty for centuries and may be added to by any true ELV or Elven friend. The Jewels are only to be turned to cash in case of an emergency or in case of war. If stolen they must be gotten back at any cost.

#6) There are many birds in the Kingdom so shot not the Eagle as this is there haven also and are the Royal Bird of the ELV. Also kill not the Ostard or Llama as they are rideable and of special user to the Tamers in the Kingdom.

Types of Elves:

Little is known of these mysterious Guild members, but it is known that they hold tremendous power in the guild. They answer only to the Royal that they have been appointed to serve and may do as they wish when is comes to helping the guild out. They have first ear of the royal that they serve and advise there Royal in all matters that come to a vote in the council. Although they have not a formal seat on the council, nor an actual vote in the council chambers, they my attend a Council meeting when ever they wish and may vote in the Royals place if the royal be not present to do so. It is also rumored that a Royal and his Advisor must be in total agreement before the Royal may vote in counsel.

Counsel of Lords:
All that bare the title of Lord have a seat on the High Counsel and a Vote in all matters affecting the state of the Kingdom. Lords also command a group of elv under them. They may suggest ranks, titles and promotions of worthy ELV that server under their title. Also only Lords and above can recruit new members into the guild.

This group represents the secret power behind the Emperor's Throne. Founders all have positions of power in the guild and may be an Advisor a Lord or even a Royal! You just never know! But the Founders accepted their place in the guild long b4 any knew of it. The also gave of themselves to help build the first guild house in the new world. Because of this a founder does not have to donate to the guild fund and may also have a vendor in the guild house.

Elders: an Elder is ANY Elv that is not a Squire or Elven in title, they are the subjects of the kingdom and may do as they wish. Most Elders serve under a Lord and fight as part as that Lords team. Elders must donate what they can, to the guild fund. They may harvest the land as often as they wish or lead hunting parties to the edge of the kingdom to hunt more dangerous game. They up hold the honor of the guild.

Squires: These are those who would be Elves, They harvest the land for the Emperor and they accept training from their brother Elves. Squires are newbies and as such may hunt the Morgs, the Headless and any animals that spawn in the homeland. They may keep anything that they kill but they must donate all empty bags and empty bottles that they find do the guild, they must also give any exposition potions that they find. If they wish to donate gems they find to the Royal Treasury they may do so and receive notary for such a noble selfless deed. Arrows found may be donated or kept by the Squire the same goes for Hides. But animals that give meat and Hides must always be skinned, as some Elv will always be able to use them.

It has been written let it be so,
By: Eros Rex Elven Emperor

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